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This is a conceptual transient art intro to me and my sculpture in a timebased [time based] medium. I was Thor, am Thorb, ThorbArt, thorbart4u2c, all4u2c, just4u2c,  Thorburn, Doug, Douglas, Douglas j, Doug Thorburn, Douglas J. Thorburn, thorb, Thor, Thor77, thorb79, thorb78, thorb80, thorb81, thorb97, art, artist, ARTIST, sculpture, sculptor, SCULPTOR, sex please, sensual restraining, sexy in my brain, sensitive to pain, compassion keeps us real, romance keeps us smiling, romantic, fine art, free, open, conceptual, painting, poetry, poems, Metal rod sculpture, outdoors art, commissions, inventive, resourceful,trails to art and outdoor sculpture installations, screen plays, plays, construction thoughts of, A1, electrical integration, sound man for Brigand, lighting too, audio experimentation, dancer in my youth, photography for fun and documentation, journalism in an amiture sense, nude in bed, fun in bed and my head, love in bed and my head and of life and art and humanity and all and everything,Greed is the scourge of the earth and downfall of humanity.grafitti art believer, theatre, new music Pink Floyd lover, rock and roll rocks the soul, ballads are sexy, R&B remembered, environmental changes, conceptual, abstract, expressionist, webpage design, html, java in the morning, Leaning to the left of right winged radical freedom of lifestyles and alternate idealisms with synchronicity, hoping for world peace and compassion with empathy to the less ambitious and those who aren't greedy. Life is kenetic performance sculpture in a 4 dimensional medium.sureal surreal Dali fan, romantic, neoseudorevivalism, transient, architecture is necessary, cartoons r us, graphic, design, magazine, red, blue, yellow, primary secondary schooling in electrical and art, open minded with a warm heart and skeptical sceptical misspelled life outlook, Hello Mom and Dad beyond space and time.  Hello all kind of beast and intellect.  Hello Jo you know I will always love you even if we can't live together. Hello all my friends from the past and school and university and work and travel and I miss you.  Hello Meaghen enjoy your growth and learning away from home. Hello Dagmar I love you more each day. Hello Jim Arnett and Lucan and Roark and Quin and Monica wherever you may have seperated to , best to luck and get in touch soon. new, sculpture moore fan, multi media forever, performance in the nude, video, intigrated, sensuality, ritual, spirit, love,Dewey Street, Dewey,dewey,365,Bathurst Heights,trails"Forest Art,forest sculpture,Pamela Jones and twin sister Penny  Hello from long ago and in another life we might have spent more time together.  Marian I feel so guilty not even knowing how to really spell your name and Ireland I am sure was changed long ago to who knows who.  I missed my chance with you.  Hello anyway from so far away. I miss the old Mutual Arena/ Terrace and your smiling face. Phil you too. Mary Fost and Sandy you were the first. Hello.THESE WORDS ARE TO SATIFY SOME SEARCH ENGINS THAT LOOK INSIDE PAGE TEXT FOR WHATEVER THEY MAY BE LOOKING FOR. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 drugs may be on your mind but in time will fill your blood and maybe even save your life momentarily.  then again maybe the effects on the side will hide the benefits and you will suffer exorbinantly for their use. [or abuse] maybe you should smoke the air and ingest wht water and think good clean healthy thoughts about everyone and everything and help all you see needs help and be the best person you can possibly create.  or you could just sit on your couch and fart, waiting for your heart to stop or explode or just ache away until the day life vanishes from your sight.  Librels are liars and Conservatives just aren't and New democrats are old and Reformers are scary like Nazis and Comunists are liars and Republicans are liars and Democrats are well not a party in this country and so what to do when the green party cannot get started and Rinos are a dying breed and Raptors can't win and leafs fall every fall and who cares about the Argos.  My life story goes on and on and well if you like rambling then it may well just be what you want to read. Have a nice day.

If you don't know me i am Thorb ... an artist in Ontario Canada, Arts78 graduate from the University of Guelph specializing in Sculpture and printmaking which turned into photography,video and computer assembly art [not so chemical on my brain] and the Sculpture well is still sculpture and moved into fields and forests as well as gardens and lawns I added forms [scroll right frame to bottom] and a chatroom and hope you will feel free to use them to discuss anything to do with art and life. I would appreciate it if you refered specifically to some page or some of my works if you are discussing something in that direction. Don't feel pressured to do so though and I am open to ideas and collaborations. Thanks.. and think artistic thoughts as you follow your trails of life.


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