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    In the time of now   
south garden
we all think to be ourselve
            then like all the ones before
    for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
    or        not like a rope dangling    
        off the limb of an old oak
    fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
   if weakness prevails.

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fire gnome

sanity is mine
ah ha
like right on time
from Santa

found it behind the big yellow bow
under that stary light
so slight a thought not to know
exploding out so bright into go
grab it and run for the fun

young for having such joy in a toy
youngly into your center there
as if nobody else is around
dance like your part of the air

originally Msg: 3829 First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)
Posted: 11/24/2008 9:59:15 PM

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