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    In the time of now   
south garden
we all think to be ourselve
            then like all the ones before
    for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
    or        not like a rope dangling    
        off the limb of an old oak
    fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
   if weakness prevails.

This next section is random inserts so will be different every time you enter or refresh.

fire gnome thinkin its so hard to please
sittin here listening and lookin
lights of the night
thinkin we're alright
so why don't they see it,

tellin our stories of adventures around the city
duckin an'a dodgin danger an'da law,
sneekin, sometimes crawlin, mostly struttin fantasy,
teasin the world around us,
smackin the side of a car then limpin' to the sidwalk
then laughin before we disappear into the street crowd
around the edge of the city.

Plaza gangs or just youthful hangs
hoping for a bang or blow
without wheels to split what's the dif
sometimes its a girl who goes
mostly though its restlessness
know'n there is something happening somewhere,
in this big city and no one seems to care we aren't there,
We just know it and show it with defiance,
sometime around 11:30
maybe the turning point of the day
maybe she will stay
maybe we may meet again as friends.

walkin walkin walkin away from the day
and into the night
wantin wantin wantin to play with the stars
it feels so right
walkin into the night

I remember the edge of the city
i can feel how gritty a summer night is still
and always will drive us on into the night
restlesssly wanting somthing new,

full moons aren't needed - just enjoyed
a little illumination painting shadows on the faces of the night
setting fright into hearts of the insecure
letting flight reinforce annonymous pranks
thanks are not needed
just a laugh
even a chuckle will do when the swet is just drippin at 2
A.M. again
a swimmin pool would be better
but who do we know
where do we go
the world packed up and left sometime around midnight
or shortly after
now we are left to fend for ourselves
duckn' and a dogin' anything with roof light and a radio
tryin to go cooly in the heat of the night

I remember, thank God and myself for leaving it all behind
i finally bought some internal combustion with a part time job.
Gotta thank mom for being a guiding light of goodness/kindness faith in common man,
too bad i didn't get that faith in the uncommon ones
or should I say toobad they didn't inspire some.
aaahhhhh ..... off on a tangent ahhh gain.


Writing ... nothingness again and again ...
Gene .. I guess I haven't done it yet.
"Symbolic Meaninglessness" .... was a cry of contempt ...
intellectual overload
helplessness ....
who is the muse? --------- We are not amused ...
If I may use someone huge's favorite saying.
woopie shit.
[goes back to Aaron and me in contemp of High School.]
Scammin and talkin our way downtown ,,, in the name of pride and fassion.
A lot of laughin with our piers.
Oh its been somany years and yes...
Cameron ,,, I am standoffish in my egocentric confidence.
In my shyness to pety life or at least what seems to be passing time in the trenches.
I find it hard to have good conversations so oh too often fall into the trap of dancing with biggots and rednecks in their blue and white collars.
I find myself surrounded so my safety feeling seems to stand off into my doing a job and going home.
Not there for a good time but while I am there I might as well have one.

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