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    In the time of now   
south garden
we all think to be ourselve
            then like all the ones before
    for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
    or        not like a rope dangling    
        off the limb of an old oak
    fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
   if weakness prevails.

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fire gnome Hot summer night.

I know you think you knew me while in another life
with willing lips and finger tips before I had a wife
nights were hot with passion as we left the dance
stumbling into darkness hands went down loose pants
we found a place on the grass away from all the light
disguarding past and present fears feeling gentle bites
Oh how could I not
when you felt so hot
let's see what we've got
then you hit the spot
yea baby don't stop
doing that skinny bop
just outside the hop
we lick up every drop
No need to impress when we redress to go on back inside
the place is still rockin as we are in walkin after that lovely ride
we head straight to the dance foor
to make our sweaty selve fit
the pictures everyone's holdin
of who and when if it
Satisfied much more than the rest of the gang
we carried on into the end
as the dance closed and partiers sang
fairwells and handshakes we did send
No muss no fuss no std's were left at the end of the night
a real good time was had by all, we parted without a fight
I know we chatted a bit later on, agreeing not to dwell
feeling right at the end of the song, a story I had to tell.

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Posted: 10/20/2006 4:59:27 PM

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