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    In the time of now   
south garden
we all think to be ourselve
            then like all the ones before
    for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
    or        not like a rope dangling    
        off the limb of an old oak
    fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
   if weakness prevails.

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fire gnome I've sunk below worry
sunk below shame
sunk below even having a name
down on the corner
begging for change
some call it pan handling
that sounds pretty strange
maybe they think my cup is a pan
or that hat of that other man
now if we were sitting an playing guitars
or out cleaning window on corner stopped cars
still guess you need a cloth and squeege
for that kind of pity me
while I just lay on the side of the walk
listening to all the b.s. called talk
counting the shoe laces that need to be retied
thinking that most what I hear is just lies
the dirt and me are one and the same
you call me a bum but that's just a name
I'm not really worthy of that kind of profession
for bums travel trains and have no real posessions
exceptin the cloths they have on their backs
me I'm just addin to my rrsp stack
I'll make two hundred on a good day
then slip back to my home
down on the bay.

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