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graphic art sculpture poetry dreams and fantasies conceptual and intellectual at times funny and odd and sexy and impressionist expressionist or romantic stone sculpture installations performances etc,art Art ART Canadian SCULPTURE TRANSIENT transient art This is a page dedicated to Art and all my directions in the said field. Art artist sculpture poet scuptor poetry video photographic graphic installations Doug Douglas Douglas J Douglas James Douglas J. Thorburn, Douglas James Thorburn, Thor77, Thorb, Thorb79, Thorb81, Thorb97, and, or, ThorbArt thorbart thorbart97 Doug the Electrician, Artist/electrician Art Sculpture Video, Painting Serigraphy Ceramics Poetry drawing performance music love life sex desktop publishing webpage design web page design web-page design, compassion, empathy, hope, dreams faith, natural, open, new, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, urban, rural industrial, construction, residential, PLC, University, University of Guelph Kingston Ontario Canada Global international, union happy curious contract abstract impressionist conceptual inventive inventions new-age old school art oil painting water colour Canada Ontario Toronto Kingston Eastern Ontario Ottawa A1 best quality University of Guelph, forever young, realist dreamer fantasy romantic art photos b&w color colou Canadian singer song writer dream harmonica guitar keyboards amateur professional computer graphics design  etc... .

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