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Canadian Poverty

Living in a Motel with my son who's doing well 
despite the smell, cramped space and who could tell
                        the human race was fixed  
yet out in the street      cars still rush bye
us third generationists beside those wanabes
forging dreams  from depressed desires 
feeling  anywhere would be higher 
until you check out the slums those bums want to put you in
complete with ten dollar hookers and fools falling in cracks 
monkeys on their backs or mirrors to the leaders of society
Sober sane and educated don't mean squat with these inproprieties
its so hot the handle melted off the pot before it could whistle
world trade forced child labor and yuppies buy the shit
morals have vanished from the big picture so who cares about it
If we take all of our youths part time jobs,
we can put all those slobs in jail for loitering. 
Better that than waiting for them to commit a real crime.
The bottom line is, lets spend a dollar to make a dime,
then inflate the rate of interest until nobody is interested 
            and the world can be yours for the asking.
Although if you got it; what would you do with it?
                   and where would you hide it? 
             [so nobody could take it away]
Possessions only exist in the paying for them.
Property is only yours to be taxed.
Greed is the root of all evil, [money is only an agent]
power is its ultimate focus.
The worst of it all is:
Abuse lasts generations yet happens so fast.
Children are such easy prey for the scum sucking vultures of our society.
Forced into labor, entertainment and sexual feats for princes and kings.
Some queens too, yet so few its almost not worth mentioning.
The future deteriorates with our lack of focus on now, for sake of the past.
No rhyme or rhythm in these things, they just bring an anger to my heart.
Run them up your mast and lets see who salutes and who farts.

                                                        Doug 1995

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